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Hard Surface

Synthetic Turf

Ultimate Line

Superior Line

Fleet US Superior Line Natural Grass Sports Field Marking Concentrate
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• Superior Line is our premier field marking paint

• Concentrated mix will yield up to 51 gallons of paint from a 3 gallon bucket

• Dilute with 6 parts water for initial line marking

• Dilute up to 16 parts water when restoring exiting lines

• Specially formulated for Fleet machinery and easy clean-up

• Concentrated mix saves on shipping

Superior Line at 4:1 Ratio
Superior Line at 16:1 Ratio

Fastline Paint


• Supplied in three gallon jugs or 55 gallon drums

• High quality line marking material

• Dilution rates from 3:1 through to 6:1

• Very rain resistant

• Unique physical properties ensure that a bright white line can be applied even when poor surface conditions apply

• No mixing as paint disperses easily in water

• Reduces maintenance by minimal settlement

• Available in white, red, blue, yellow, and any custom color to order. Fastline colors are concentrated and are designed to be diluted with water.

Fastline Paint
Fastline Paint by Fleet US


Fleet US Linestripe Field Paint

• Supplied in five gallon jugs or 55 gallon drums

• Dilution rate from 1:1 to 3:1, depending upon application

• Eco-friendly

• Rain resistant

• Concentrated for easy shipping

Fleet US Linestripe Field Paint

Hard Surface Coating

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• Supplied in one-gallon jugs

• Designed especially for hard surfaces

• Quick drying time - dry to the touch in 30 minutes

• Long-lasting

• Available in white, yellow, blue and red with custom colors to order

• Formulated ready-to-use in low-pressure sprayers

Synthetic Turf Coating

• Supplied in three-gallon jugs

• Specifically formulated for exceptional coverage on synthetic turf

• Excellent adhesion and flexibility

• Available in white, yellow, blue and red with custom colors to order

Ultimate Line

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Fleet's continuing development of highly pigmented concentrated paints has reached a new high point with the introduction of our latest product Ultimate Line.


Ultimate Line is an amazing product created with cutting edge paint manufacturing technology that allows the end user to produce results that were unachievable just a short while ago. Available in a range of colors and packaged to suit the individual customer's requirements.


This product is set to change the way things are done, Ultimate line has extremely high pigment levels yet no dilution is required, therefore typical consumption rates of 1 gallon per soccer field are achievable. Just stop and think about that for a moment, 1 gallon per field no diluting the product! If you have a striping machine with a 5 gallon paint tank you fill the tank once (no mixing) and you are off to paint five fields - that represents a time saving and convenience that could dramatically increase your productivity.

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